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Best Detox Tips

Our Nutritionist's Favorite Lifestyle Strategies & Resources for Detox

by Madelaine Schaufel, RDN

Imagine you walk into your kitchen and there is water all over the floor. You start to mop it up, but the floor does get any drier, no matter how much you mop. You look up and notice the sink is overflowing, because the faucet is pouring water into the sink. So what is your next step if you want to get the floor dry? That’s right. Turn off the faucet.

In the same way, Step #1 of detoxification is reducing toxic exposure in your daily life, or else any “higher-level” detoxification efforts are like trying to mop up the floor while the facet continues to run. Focus on addressing both chemical AND emotional toxins:

1.    Chemical Toxins: Start cutting back on the toxins you put on to your skin, into your mouth, and into your living environment. It’s a process, so most people find it easiest to make it a gradual transition, rather than trying to swap out every product they use at once.

Personal care products:

Cleaning products:

2. Emotional Toxins

Did you know stress is a toxin????? We all experience it. It is a fact of life, but we do have the power to choose how we deal with that stress. Do we roll with it and process it or allow it to slowly poison us?

Meditation and mindfulness activities are a great way to “process” the stress we all face, and to help prevent it from becoming toxic to our system.

A free, easy-to-use meditation app:

Invest in a few minutes of self-care or relaxation DAILY: you’d be amazed at how much even 5-10 minutes a day can help you re-set and re-charge. Use the links below to find a few ideas to figure out what works for you.

Some of Madelaine’s favorite self-care activities:

•   Epsom salt bath - Try lavender or eucalyptus mint scented salts!

•   A walk in nature (with a loved one, pet, or even by yourself)

•   Listen to music you enjoy for a few minutes (Jam out in the car on your drive home!)

•   Talk and laugh with a friend

•   Stretching and breathing at the end of the day

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Please let us know what you find the most helpful!

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