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How do you define HEALTH?

(Philosophical ponderings with Dr. Kristen)

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What is health?​ No, wait.... seriously.... what actually IS it?
It's one of the hottest topics today. It's one of the most valuable assets we have. 
But take a moment to think about what it means to be healthy. 
Did you know that there is a real definition (that's recognized by all major medical textbooks in the world)?
"Health is the ability to function at 100% mentally, physically, and socially." 
I wonder how that definition differed (or didn't) from  yours? 
Here's what my standard of being healthy is for myself: 
Health is about how well we FUNCTION, not about how we FEEL.
It's about how well the body ADAPTS when it is challenged. We can't avoid every single "bad" thing in life or prevent every injury. But when the body is strong, it will be able to adapt and respond (not crumble and fall apart). 
It's dynamic and constantly changing. 
Being healthy means that you're always trying to be a tiny bit better than you were yesterday! 
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Dr. Kristen Halland is a chiropractor with specialty certifications in acupuncture and functional medicine nutrition. She has enjoyed serving the northwest suburbs of Chicago since 2010 from our Hoffman Estates, IL location alongside her Integrative Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, massage therapist, chiropractic colleague, and a great support team! Dr. Halland enjoys blogging about natural treatments, staying modern and accessible with virtual appointment access for her patients, and her podcast, The Nutrition & Lifestyle Review.