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Keeping Track of

your Medical Records

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Hi all ~ I wanted to answer a great question that was asked by a patient today, "how do you recommend we keep track of our labs and records?"

I appreciated this question because it's important that patients (myself included) take responsibility for own health! And it's so helpful to have an organized system when a provider wants to compare a trend over time.

You may want to consider a system that will help you to organize all this information - here are a few ideas:

A self-created Excel File

SmartPhone App

  • ​Example: an app called "My Medical" for record-keeping and trakcing information

Website Profile

  • Example: website called 

D-I-Y Medical Binder

  • Use free, simple, printable resources like these 7 forms from
  • Here's an example of an Etsy store that has many more printables (blood sugar tracker, doctor visit tracker, dental, etc)

Please let us know by commenting if there's something that's been working well for you!

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