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Knowing Your Cardio-metabolic Numbers... Don’t be an ostrich.

by Madelaine (Dickinson) Schaufel, RD

· Heart Health,Good and Bad Fats,Lab Testing

Ever feel like you relate to this ostrich? I know sometimes I feel like I do. We all have health habits that could use some optimization. Whether it’s sleep, relaxation, caffeine use, relationships, exercise, or nutrition.

Life has many ways of telling us when it is time to make a change. Are you listening??

Maybe it’s the numbers slowly creeping up on the bathroom scale, escalating joint pain, increasing need for prescription drugs, chronic fatigue, indigestion, trouble sleeping at night, skin problems … all of these might be clues that it’s time to act.  Be informed. Don’t be like our buddy the ostrich.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, or Type 2 Diabetes… What do all of these conditions have in common? NONE of them are inevitable and none of them happen overnight! Each condition is slow, steady, downhill accumulation of poor health habits that eventually snowballs into a disease state.

And each of these conditions has many clues we can measure long before a disease diagnosis.... that means we can change it before it happens! 

I have two favorite ways of detecting “clues” in most cases:   

#1) Body Composition Test (BIA: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) – provides us info about how much of your body is fat versus muscle, if you have toxicity in your cells, if your cell membranes are healthy and are absorbing nutrients, how hydrated your cells are, and other critical pieces of info.

#2) A Cardiometabolic Panel – an in-depth look at your cholesterol with lipid particles, blood sugar, inflammation, hormone status, and much more.  

And both of these options are extremely cost-effective and accurate ($25 for a BIA test and $10-45 for the Cardiometabolic Lab Panel)! 

Ever heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Taking action to go after the habits that are contributing to your health challenge is the wisest thing you can do. So what are your numbers? What do you need to tackle?

Getting more information is not signing up for or agreeing to anything. It is simply being brave enough and refusing to ignore a problem that is keeping you from being your 100%. You are the one in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health.  Make it a great ride.

Yes – I want to know my numbers! What might next steps look like?

  1. Consult meeting with the Doctor to perform your BIA scan and order your lab testing.

  2. We'll get together again (with the Doctor and Nutritionist) to discuss the results and what your clear and practical plan-of-action can be! We’ll give you the best options and you decide.

Get started today by scheduling your visit here: and click on "Schedule Now" 

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