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Probiotics for weight loss 





& Choosing a probiotic


by Dr. Kristen (Bobik) Halland of

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Probiotics are very important to the health of our “gut” but they’re often misunderstood. And no, we don't get probiotics from yogurt. When studied, the amount of probiotic in (insert popular yogurt brand name that begins with "A" here) were found to be "not clinically significant." But I digress already :)

When you go to the store, you may see shelves full of probiotics! It can be challenging to know how to pick a good one. It almost seems that the more CFUs (billions) that a container has, the better it must be right?

But that’s not the whole story. 

Each probiotic strain was researched to treat a different condition (or support a health goal). For example, there are specific strains of "good bacteria" (probiotics) to balance the gut microbiome in patients who have IBD/IBS. Some were studied to perform well with recurrent sinus or respiratory problems. And so forth.... 

More recently we’ve seen studies emerging on the strains of probiotics that are best utilized for weight loss. The strains called “B. Lactis” and “B. Rhamnosus” and"L. Gasseri" are some of the most widely studied and best performing. Here's my favorite source: specifically for weight loss.

AND the strain that’s used in many over-the-counter probiotics is “Lactobacilis Acidophilus” which was shown to promote WEIGHT GAIN - oh no! 

There are over 10,000 types of “good bacteria” in our gut that help us absorb nutrients and support a healthy immune system. Not all probiotics are equal, so here’s what you want to look for:

  • Triple GMP certification
  • A specific combination of STRAINS that treat your condition specifically
  • Research–demonstrated benefits (not marketing claims)
  • Gluten and Dairy Free
  • Potency guarantee and expiration date

Please check your probiotic containers and work with a qualified nutritional provider to make sure you’re getting the correct nutrients to match your health goals in a scientifically proven product!

Myself, my family and my patients get the gold standard of scientific physician grade nutrients here.

Dr. Kristen Halland is a chiropractor with specialty certifications in acupuncture and functional medicine nutrition. She has enjoyed serving the northwest suburbs of Chicago since 2010 from our Hoffman Estates, IL location alongside her Integrative Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, massage therapist, chiropractic colleague, and a great support team! Dr. Halland enjoys blogging about natural treatments, staying modern and accessible with virtual appointment access for her patients, and her podcast, The Nutrition & Lifestyle Review.


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