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Shocking Info: CHOLESTEROL

Dr. Kristen (Bobik) Halland

I read a great research document about CHOLESTEROL by FMU and Dr Ron Grisanti.

It's lengthy, but here are some shocking highlights : 

* Eating high cholesterol foods does not cause high cholesterol or cardiovascular disease

* People with LOW cholesterol (not high) have 3X the amount of strokes and have 40% of all heart attacks.

* Estrogen (including hormone therapy) causes cancer, heart disease, and strokes (recently admitted by the FDA and Journal of the American Association)

* Statins (a common drug to treat high cholesterol) are unacceptably dangerous and among other things, cause the breakdown of muscles (i.e. muscular pain and injury)

* Using any type of corn, soy, or vegetable oil will accelerate the aging process. 

I realize this information may hard to accept. Remember, you have been exposed to millions of dollars worth of anti-fat, anti-cholesterol propaganda over a period of decades. 

Here are some easy solutions I would invite you to consider: 

* Having the correct type of blood work done because cholesterol alone is not a sufficient measurement. This article, though lengthy, will give you a great idea of what's possible in the office using functional medicine and nutrition!

*Utilizing more good healthy fats in the diet - The only oil I cook with is Coconut!

* Consider following a nutritional lifestyle that supports good healthy fats, no grains / sugars / processed foods

* Supplementing with a high quality, physician grade nutritional supplement - the right blend of multiple types of healthy oils for your condition.

This report will change the way you think about cholesterol and what the media's been telling you. If you'd like to read the full article, please join our e-news list so you can receive the full text:

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