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The “Silent Killer” Disease

By Dr. Kristen Halland @BalanceDoc

Do you know what disease condition is so ominous that it’s been nicknamed the silent killer? It’s high blood pressure – also known as hypertension.

High blood pressure happens when your arteries can't dilate properly to accommodate the constant, changing blood flow in your body. Having chronically elevated blood pressure is so problematic because it leads to heart disease and stroke. IN FACT, these two conditions are the #1 and #2 top killers of Americans today. 1 in 2 women are dying from heart disease right now, so it really makes sense to understand your blood pressure.

But here’s where it gets interesting:

First, blood pressure is taken at the beginning of every medical visit. To a patient, it may seem ... perfunctory. Routine. Even annoying. Or frustrating because many people have what's called "white coat syndrome" where they have to justify their blood pressure reading because of a common spike or rise in blood pressure because of being nervous at the doctor's visit. Why aren’t healthcare providers taking this opportunity to educate patient about how important this vital sign actually is?!

Also, there is a controversy is over new, lowered target readings. Research has varied greatly in recent years but a new study called Sprint from 2017 ended early with conclusions suggesting that if your top number is below 120 then it reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by 1/3 and the risk of death by 1/4.

To learn more, please listen to our podcast episode called “Aging of the Heart + The Silent Killer disease (Episode 03)” by live streaming from or on iTunes with The Nutrition & Lifestyle Review podcast.

In it, we discuss:

  • The causes of high blood pressure
  • Top 4 solutions for how to improve hypertension naturally
  • The controversy surrounding over-medication and scary statistics
  • Dr. Halland’s bold recommendation about what patients should be doing at home to catch hypertension early

Dr. Kristen Halland is a chiropractor with specialty certifications in acupuncture and functional medicine nutrition. She has enjoyed serving the northwest suburbs of Chicago since 2010 from our Hoffman Estates, IL location alongside her Integrative Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, massage therapist, chiropractic colleague, and a great support team! Dr. Halland enjoys blogging about natural treatments, staying modern and accessible with virtual appointment access for her patients, and her podcast, The Nutrition & Lifestyle Review.

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