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Walking on your toes? Huge calf muscles? Low back pain? Keep reading....

by Dr. Emmert at Balance Chiropractic and Wellness

Lower Cross Syndrome is a neuromuscular condition caused by an imbalance of tight and weak muscle groups located above and below the hip joint causing the pelvis to be moved into what is referred to as anterior pelvic tilt. When you see an image of a person with Lower Cross Syndrome from the side, it appears to create a ‘cross’ of tight muscles against the weaker ones.

How do you know if you have Lower Cross Syndrome?

Evaluation by a trained healthcare provider is best! But possible signs could include hip pain, low back pain especially at the L4-L5 or L5-S1 segments, sacroiliac “SI” pain, overdeveloped calf muscles, walking on your toes, lumbar hyperlordosis (a “bulging belly”), and others.

How does someone get Lower Cross Syndrome?

Some of the more common causes include long periods of sitting or standing with poor posture, physical inactivity, preforming movements or activities that cause overstimulation of certain muscle groups with under stimulation of other muscle groups (example: doing squats at the gym but not lunges).

Without treatment for Lower Cross Syndrome, the joints in the low back and hip will continue to move in patterns that do not utilize full range of motion which could ultimately lead to osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease.

In our office, we correct or improve Lower Cross Syndrome with a combination of stretching and /or treating the overused muscles, strengthening the underused muscles and correction of any potential structural shifts of the pelvis or spine.

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