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What's the true story behind cholesterol?

by Madelaine Dickinson, RDN

· Cholesterol,Good and Bad Fats,Heart Health
Here's Madelaine's brief answer to an interview question she recieved from Suburban Woman magazine: 

Q: What is the true story behind cholesterol?

#1 Not all fat is bad, neither is all cholesterol. Both healthy fats and balanced amounts of cholesterol are absolutely essential for healthy cellular function.  

#2 Bloodwork: It’s all about the balance of each of your numbers. A lot of the research shows that comparing ratios of cholesterol to triglycerides may be more representative of cardiac risk than looking at a single number alone on your lipid panel. In addition, standard lab values for cholesterol levels don’t represent healthy individuals, so it probably isn’t wise to rely on the normal reference ranges to define “healthy” or “normal.”

#3 There are multiple reasons why your cholesterol may be out of balance and you have to go after the root cause to bring your cholesterol back into healthy equilibrium. It may be because you don’t have enough good cholesterol or there may be diet and lifestyle habits or treatable health conditions contributing to the issue.

#4 There are natural strategies you can use that are equally (if not more) effective than medication. Natural solutions for improving the cholesterol picture include exercise, nutrition improvements (reducing refined carbohydrates and “bad” fats, and including healthy saturated fats like coconut oil and organic butter are a great start), and targeted nutraceuticals under the guidance of an integrative health professional.

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