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What you don’t know about brain inflammation

And the new emerging causes of Alzheimer’s , dementia, and memory loss


by Dr. Kristen Halland

· Brain Health,Gut Health,Inflammation

Take this quick quiz: What is the worst of these six choices?

Whole wheat bread, a Snickers bar, a tablespoon of white sugar, Splenda, a white potato, or a banana?

Answer: whole wheat bread, which spikes blood sugar harder than straight table sugar AND a Snickers bar!

In the last few decades, we’ve been overwhelmed as a population with “diet fatigue” – every time we turn around, there’s a new hot diet to follow! Everything we know has been wrong! We went from vegetarianism to Atkin’s to Ketogenic diets to Paleo Lifestyle and everything in between. The truth is that there is no “one size fits all” diet (or what our office prefers to call “nutritional lifestyle”) for every person.   

Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and cognitive or memory loss are some of the least understood conditions – until now.


  • Having diabetes type II will DOUBLE your risk for Alzheimer’s disease
  • Elevating your blood sugar will increase inflammation in your brain (which is the cornerstone for advancing Alzheimer’s)
  • Even the so-called healthy grains (like whole grains) can cause dementia, anxiety, depression, and headaches
  • Some medications (such as Statins for cholesterol) can erase your memory
  • 43 of the 44 drug trials for prescriptions that treat Alzheimer’s disease were FAILURES and we need new solutions

So what does this mean about the way we eat to support a healthy brain?

The newest research on Alzheimer’s is showing that we can start to understand this with three separate causes. One type is caused by BRAIN INFLAMMATION and another is caused by TOXICITY. Both of those causes have the potential to be prevented or improved.

How do we get inflammation in our brain?

To give you a few ideas of how sensitive the brain is, here are a few ways this occur:

  • consuming too little “good” fats (like coconut oil or avocado)
  • consuming too many “bad” fats (such as vegetable oil sneakily used in restaurant food)
  • consuming non-organic animal proteins (that are full of pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones)
  • the consumption of carbs and grains can increase inflammation in the brain
  • not consuming enough antioxidants (which come from brightly colored vegetables and green tea!)
  • too much toxicity in the body (from everyday items like our toiletries, our air, food, work conditions)
  • if the body doesn’t have the proper tools (nutrients) to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Food Intolerances create an immune response called inflammation which can harm the delicate lining of our gut and spread to other areas of the body and cause “foggy brain.”
  • And many others…..

Are all grains and carbs as evil as the media portrays them?

There’s a difference between “whole food carbs” and bad-for-you-carbs! Simple sugars (glucose, fructose) found in soda, snacks, table sugar, and packaged food items are inflammatory to the body. But complex starches can be moderately consumed and these could be found in sweet potatoes or rice for example.

How do YOU support a healthy brain?

There is no “one size fits all” for nutritional lifestyles. A physician or natural healthcare provider would advise a “wellness patient” who focuses on prevention differently than they’d advise a person who is seeking to naturally reverse or improve a disease process.

Are you avoiding toxins in your food and environment? Are you consuming healthy fats and minimizing (or eliminating) simple sugars, high blood sugar spiking carbs, and inflammatory grains?  Do you suspect that you already are suffering from memory loss or foggy mind and would like to change that? What natural strategies are in place to prevent (or to improve/resolve health problems if the case may be) health issues and keep the body FUNCTIONING OPTIMALLY?

If you do not yet have natural (non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical) strategies in place or currently have a health condition you’d like to change naturally, please visit us at to learn how we can help.

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