• Nutritional Counseling & Lifestyle Change

    Here's how our successful approach works:


    Initial Visit

    The doctor will take a thorough health history and learn about your goals in order to recommend Labs / Diagnostics and indicate beginning recommendations.


    Data Collection

    You'll come to our office in Hoffman Estates for a blood draw, body composition analysis, and nutrition-focused exam as indicated. (Virtual patients will present to a lab in your area).


    Lab Review

    The doctor will personally pre-prepare an extensive results presentation of your labs / diagnostics before your meeting. When you arrive, she'll spend about 45 minutes educating on your results and outlining a comprehensive and exceptionally detailed treatment plan. This is unlike anything you've ever experienced from your doctor!


    Nutrition Courses

    It's likely that the doctor's treatment plan will include dietary or lifestyle changes to support your goal.


    If you're on the "Independent Track," you'll watch specific webinar courses (created personally by the doctor and her integrative nutritionist) and self-implement change. If you're on the "Supported Track," you may be watching courses from home as a preparatory step to a customized meeting with the nutritionist.


    Meet with the Doctor

    You'll periodically meet with the doctor to review new incoming labs, assess your progress, or troubleshoot as needed!


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