• What health conditions do we treat ? What services do we offer in the office?

    Our goal is to use natural healthcare as the first line of treatement! Here are a few examples...


    Structural Shifts in the spine can cause secondary conditions such as neck pain, tingling, or numbness.


    Acupuncture is often successful when traditional routes have been exhausted. And, it's great for sleeping well and lowering stress levels! Frequently Asked Questions.

    Food Intolerance Test

    using the most extensive science available! (click here to read)

    Vitamin & Dietary Tests

    This is where we begin for definitive, personalized lifestyle / nutritional strategies : click here

    Nutritional Guidance

    We give the body the right nutrients ("tools") to work correctly and optimize habits at home to support your goals. Read about our process.

    Gut Dysfunction

    Did you know? There are 20+ patterns of thyroid dysfunction AND it's almost always related to the gut...

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